Miren Barrena


Based on the graphic representation of the geological stratum, I work with the illustrations of the scientific books and their graphic resources such as lines, compositions and perspectives that I then approach from different materials and procedures (Chinese ink, crochet, collage…)

I create texture and patterns maps where I find an aesthetic interest. The map as an image and visual path, as a weave game where everything runs under a predetermined logic. Map that embodies a physical place to travel with our body, from the imaginary of alpinism, I work this idea with a series of familiar objects that contain an emotional burden: maps, photographs, geology books…


Miren studied the degree in Art in Bilbao (2015-2019) and took an interest in all disciplines.

She understands the body as the driving force and motive for creation, looking for relationships between it and the material treated.

In turn, she works out the body through contortion and aerial silk.

He currently participates in some collective exhibitions and studies the Master of Research and Creation in Bilbao.

miren barrena



Design and creation of exclusive furniture based on carefully selected wood.
. Handmade manufacturing Process.
. Ecological Finishes.
. Kilometer 0.
. Custom-made Work.
. Collaborations with Professionals (interior designers, architects, window dressers…).
. Contact:


605 726 837

Mystic Picnic


A picnic is an occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside, somewhere apart. This painting exhibition would like to nourish from this idea, the stroll on the paintings becomes a mystic picnic where what’s popular and what’s shamanic convene. Paintings and objects found on the streets are sometimes the point of departure of it all, which have been intervened and their memoir appropriated. Creating is a magical and transmuting action.


Pablo Gallo (A Coruña. 1975). He’s a cartoonist, painter and illustrator. He’s been given a number of awards for his paintings, and has had exhibitions continuously since 1995. He’s the author of these books: Sietedías en lassietecalles (El Gallo de Oro, 2018), Libro de lasInvocaciones (Reino de Cordelia, 2016), Dibujar en la oscuridad (El Gallo de Oro, 2016), Manual de ruletarusa (AristasMartínez, 2015), Hiperhíbridos (El GavieroEdiciones, 2011) and El libro del voyeur (Ediciones del Viento, 2010).Comandopsicografico is founded in 2014, in which he paints with his eyes blind, and what’s being done is projected, while the musician Iago Alvite plays spectral jams. They’ve played in different halls and music festivals. He lives in Bilbao since 2005.

Pablo Gallo

MEM 2018

MEM 2018

MEM 2018 tshirt. Design by Mawa Tres. 12€.

On sale only at Mongolia.




WOMEN IN LOVE, The legendary film by Ken Russell based on the novel by D. D. Lawrence, has served as inspiration for the upcoming exhibition of MALOMUYMALO.

Portraits of women who at the time of being immortalized were in love; In love with other people, in love with their pets, lovers of art, in love with the Rain, in love with vegan food or, why not?, in love with time travel…

And they arrive to MONGOLIA GUNEA (Aretxaga, 2 Bilbao) on June the 7th at 19:00 hours, where they will be exhibited until July 21st.

They are, once again, the protagonists of the colorful works that inhabit this peculiar space dedicated to fashion and art through very personal portraits of the imaginary of Julián Vallejo.

MALOMUYMALO was created in the year 2000 as an artistic platform whose objective is to promote projects of different areas of creation: painting, photography, literature, design… seeking in all of them collaboration with other artists and creators.

Closely related to the world of art, design and publicity, Elena Ascarza and Julián Vallejo, the components of Malomuymalo, have a special interest in Japanese culture, cinema, gastronomy and music; Which is often reflected in the creations they carry out.


Mikel Alvira

A creative experience, an exhibition, a collection of photographs taken in different natural spaces, with no trace of human intervention apart from writing.
Writing on bare skin as an intimate act of literary creation. Because writing is much more than hitting keys. Because writing on skin is the most moving process of writing. Because photographing it means capturing the fruit of that intimacy. Because Mikel Alvira and Ingunn Viste believe in creative and creating synergy.

Alvira is a multidisciplinary creator from Navarra, living in Bilbao, a writer, poet and script-writer. Although he has authored numerous novels, essays and anthologies of poetry, his lyrics go beyond paper. A columnist and communicator, his artistic experience extends to stages, screens and walls.
Viste is a Norwegian artist, living in Bordeaux, a photographer and more. She has turned her gaze into a tool for composition, using it to create new spaces and new atmospheres. Prolific and explorative, she has staged numerous solo and group exhibitions, always marked by contrast.

Pati Duque

Pati Duque (Valladolid, 1977) is like a playful grin. She is a neon light that imbues places with a light of her own. And her work is an extension of her sense of fun, her existential enjoyment of everything that’s going on, her personal imagination suffused with joy and scenes that are ever more recognisable and immediate.

Pati Duque is a painter of her time. A time of crisis, change and the decline of a party we thought would never end. This painter from Valladolid describes the times she sees around her, the times that envelope her.

She is an artist in neon, painting light to create quasi-photographic images.

An alert observer, her work is realistic and figurative. But she not only paints what she sees. She is no copyist, no paintbrush-wielding translator. She is an artist who, like the nineteenth-century romantics also blends into the landscape and merges with the bustle and the silences.

Alicia Sen
Independent curator

Born in Valladolid in 1977.
Education: ITA Fruit and Vegetable Production and Gardening services (UVA), Master’s degree in Gardening services and Landscaping (UPM) and Specialist in Rehabilitation of Parks and Historical Gardens (UPM).
Received her artistic training at the studio ofJ. L. Rodríguez Posadas from 2001.

Group exhibitions:
CreaVa17. Valladolid. March 2017
Galería Gotelé. Madrid. May 2016.
‘CONVERGENCIAS’. El Carrusel. Valladolid. December 2015.

Solo exhibitions:
“SANTOS NEONES”. La Atómica. December 2016.
Juan Raro. Madrid. December 2016.
‘BRILLERIO’. Vinyl & Wine. Valladolid. May 2015.
La Atómica. Valladolid. February 2015.
Picnic. Madrid. November 2014.
Pigiama. Valladolid. May 2014.
Rughara. Madrid. September 2013.
Café Beluga. Valladolid. June 2013.

Collaborative work:
Artwork for ‘Bestiario’ by EL MEISTER (Subterfuge, 2014).
Cover of ‘Nueva Dimensión Vital’ by CORIZONAS (Subterfuge, 2016)