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Route through Bilbao La Vieja

At Mongolia Gunea we believe in helping to create our district. We like experiencing the activity of our area in Bilbao La Vieja and all the art and design-related projects that are being carried out. And we want to provide a showcase for all the activities, events and groups that share our philosophy.

This is our own special tour of Bilbao La Vieja… by Mongolia Gunea


Calle San Francisco 11, 48003 Bilbao

OKELA is a non-profit space, created and managed by artists. It opened in 2014 to address the needs of contemporary art in the Basque Country, creating relationships between visual and plastic artistsand identifying and creating new forms of artistic space.


Plaza Corazón de María, 4 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia

Sarean is a neighbourhood meeting space open to all types of artistic and cultural expression. It is run by Espacio Plaza cultural association.
Sarean’s roots can be traced back several decades. It was created in collaboration between a number of creative solidarity-based agents operating in the area of San Francisco-Bilbao La Vieja-Zabala. The nerve centre is the organisation’s premises in Plaza Corazón de Maria.
This experimental recreational and educational space hosts a wide social and cultural programme designed through citizen participation. There is also a bar/restaurant with cuisine reflecting the area’s cultural diversity.


Calle Urazurrutia, 32, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia

The Bilbao Arte Foundation is a centre which professional artists can use to work from. As a creative space and a meeting point, the Foundation also offers an extensive programme of audio-visual screenings, workshops, seminars, lectures, meetings, debates and exhibitions, all open to the general public.


Plaza Tres Pilares, 1 / 7, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia

Aldama Fabre is a contemporary art gallery in the Bilbao La Vieja district of Bilbao, Spain.

It was founded by Eugenia Griffero Fabre in May 2016 and in September of the same year, María Gracia de Pedro joined as artistic director. Aldama Fabre specialises in exhibitions by national and international artists. Its mission is to contribute to the city’s artistic scene by providing new exhibition formats.


Cortes 4 lonja izquierda, 48003 Bilbao

SC gallery + Art Management is located in Calle Cortes in Bilbao. Since its foundation by Sergio García Bayón in 2008, it has focused on contemporary art.
SC gallery + Art Management is an independent initiative. The gallery specialises in work by contemporary artists from the graffiti, street art, illustration and graphic scene.
SC Gallery promotes public art projects, such as “Deambular” by artist Eltono and “Pirámide” by SpY in the Artium contemporary art museum (Vitoria), as well as a series of mural interventions at the BLV Art Bilbao festival (Artists: Aryz, Michael Gruziecki, Sixe Paredes, Eltono, SUSO33, Zoer, Velvet, etc), meeting wide acclaim in specialist media and amongst the public for these initiatives.


Aretxaga Kalea, 5, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia

Maitena Ganboa creates unique items of hand-made jewellery at her studio and showroom in Ganboa Jewellery in Bilbao. Her singular pieces, with a personality of their own, are reminiscent of organic forms. Exclusive, delicate and emphatic – at once imperfect, and perfect. Small sculptures that blend into our bodies to form part of us.


Bilbao La Vieja 17, 48003 Bilbao

Project to revitalise the Bilbao La Vieja district.


Conde Mirasol 13-LJ1D, 48003 Bilbao

consonni is a producer of contemporary art and a publishing organization, located in Bilbao. Since 1997, consonni has invited artists to develop projects that do not generally take on the appearance of an art object shown within a space. consonni researches formulas to expand curatorial practice, production and the notion of programming. It also analyses possibilities of publishing art books and is committed to charting different ways of engaging in critique today.


Cortes 29-31, 48003 Bilbao

Hysteria is a collective formed by women grouped around the axis art-culture-social transformation. From the cultural gestation and the neighborhood of San Francisco of Bilbao We operate in the #Karpinteria, a hybrid between an office and a living room where we produce, accompany and show different artistic expressions.