About us

Mongolia Gunea was born in 2014, when an interior decorator and a retail manager from a fashion firm joined forces. These two complementary profiles led to the creation of a whole new concept for a shop in Bilbao, in which fashion, creativity, art and design all have a place of their own.

In a way, Mongolia Gunea has become an extension of ourselves. It’s a shop that offers clothes in our style, clothes we like and that visuallystimulate us, independently of any fashion trends. Something else that marks us out is our particular wayof combining different garments to create looks with a special identity of their own.

Right from the start of the Mongolia Gunea concept, we were adamant that we wanted to have an exhibition space, to provide visibility to artists who sometimes do not have easy access to mainstream art galleries.And so, we’ve devoted one entire area to art. Every two months we hold exhibitions here, as well as organising events in collaboration with cultural agents.

Erre Sombrerería

Erre Sombrerería was set up almost by chance, when I met one of Bilbao’s great milliners, still running her business in the heart of the city after two generations.

The enthusiasm and love she brought to her work really made a deep impact on me. Under her guidance, I learnt to make hats in the traditional fashion, just as her mother did, from the inside out, taking care over every last stitch. These are small cloth sculptures with textures, colours and feathers that serve to give each woman her own distinctive touch.

Mueble Verde

In the heart of Bilbao Mueble Verde restores, transforms and customisesfurniture and ornamental items, working to sustainable and ecological criteria.